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XVL ConTech

Offering the industry's best design technology.

XVL ConTech provides construction technology services to the top architects and engineering firms in the country. Our premier line of products allow for a better way of designing and constructing buildings, while also providing a common platform for fast, streamlined reporting. The optimization tools we provide can shave time and money off a jobsite while reducing errors.



Scissor Lift

With its carbon steel construction throughout, the XVL ConTech Scissor Lift elevates productivity to heights never before possible. From the durable independent drive motors to the lightweight lift carriage that allows for easier maneuverability, this scissor lift is both durable and versatile for any job that needs to get done.


Torch Flame

The CONTEK combines precision head design to produce a superior torch flame that burns hotter and cleaner. This technology delivers a long-lasting hot, clean cutting torch flame for a variety of metal fabrication applications including plumbing, mechanical, HVAC , shipyards / firefighting and more.



The ConTech is the only tiller with technology designed to take your lawn from well manicured to perfectly groomed. It has 3 precision-cut, hard wearing steel blades designed for efficient cutting and superior quality. The lightweight construction helps you navigate through tough soil conditions. 


About Us

XVL ConTech is one of the most innovative construction tech companies in the country. Our unique construction designs enhance safety, increase efficiency, and reduce building times.  We are very proud of our company and our contributions to technology, engineering, and construction.